Vegan is the New Black

We all saw the movie What the Health and how it impacted the world in a matter of months. Kip Anderson, an award-winning filmmaker now, continued the documentary from hi follow-up film Cowspiracy. Showing everyone the truth behind supposed healthy food companies and what they are really supporting. Not only did this resonate health wise and the lies people were told, but a surge of vegan food and trends exploded to mainstream!

Last year there was spike in plant-based food sales, going up 8.1%. In the US Market. Making a whopping $3.1 billion! This year we can also expect more innovative plant-based dairy alternatives too, like barely, hemp, pea, flax and quinoa.

There are predictions that plant-based dairy options are to represent 40% of dairy and alternative dairy options. This is all within the next 3 years already. Plant-based increased over 25% since 2016.

Now the most common thing I hear people have hard time steering away from is CHEESE.

So, plant-based cheese is expected to be worth just shy of $4 billion by 2024. We can definitely thank such companies like Follow Your Heart who created Veganaise and the incredible VeganEgg. Get your favorite cheeses like cheddar, pepperjack, and provolone. So there is definitely no excuse on getting your cheese fix If your local in Los Angeles County, check out their full vegan market and restaurant in Canoga Park.

Our market also saw a decline on Milk, dropping 5%. All the while plant-based dairy has increased 3.1% and looks like it will continue to grow. As Milk is projected to drop another 11% through 2020.

But wait there's more, not only are we seeing amazing shifts happening in the US but all over the world. Australia reported that there was a 22% drop in Milk sales in the past year. Wohoo! More hugs and love for cows and less hurt and pain.

Not only did the Dairy industry get a jab or two but the Egg industry felt the punch too. An egg-producer, Cal-Maine Foods, saw their shares drop 7% and reported their first annual loss in more then 10 years. This is all to the amazing alternative being produced and created everyday for a better planet.

Lastly, the industry we sought to go after the most, the meat industry. The good news is the meat substitute industry is forecasting to make $5.2 billion by 2020. One of the leading companies paving the way is Beyond the Meat and their infamous burgers that bleed and taste like your typical hamburger. Gaining momentum in over 5,000 markets and having investors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Gates and Twitter co-founders. Clearly this is a big deal and what our future is looking like, and so it should.

With all these delicious alternatives sprouting from left to right, literally, we are seeing vegan food chains becoming more and more successful.

McDonalds, out of places rolling out a vegan burger in Sweden and Finland, Veggie Grill and Chloe opened more locations in 2017 and are expecting to do the same in 2018 as well.

Believe it or not, a Vegan Butcher was one of the top new job trends in 2017.

Of course not only is vegan food becoming a scream to never end, vegan fashion is responding in full force. With innovative fabrics coming from pineapple, apple peels, mushrooms and vegan silk. Other industries are seeing this as a business opportunity and so they should.

Tesla, now has animal-free leather options for their interiors and Bentley responded as well looking into alternative leather materials too.

Bead & Reel, Fair Trade Fashion Show 2017.

It's clear plant-based is beginning its revolution and our society is finally realizing the benefits it could provide our planet's sustainability.

This new found veganism is a clear business opportunity everyone should take. The numbers don't lie and neither do its consumers.

Plant-based is here to stay.

- Greenwithstyle

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