My conscious vegan holidaze 🎄

The morning air is finally chilly, that vintage coat you found at your local thrift is coming out, and staying warm with your loved ones becomes more memorable. 

This past Thanksgiving I got to cook my very first ethical vegan dinner. Alongside my partner and his family who all just became vegan 3 months ago. Amazing right?! Well, last year was a different story as I spent it in Vegas with my partner and his family. 

However, now with his family being vegan it makes it that much easier more enjoyable cooking and enjoying each other’s company even more. 

So what was on the menu you ask? 

Well we had Tofurkey  made from a delicious wheat blend and organic tofu, stuffed with vegan stuffing made from organic brown rice and wheat bread. We got 2 of those which actually came with delicious gravy and a vegan brownie. Yum! Now, when I was not vegan I preferred Ham over the Turkey. So we got a wonderful Pot Roast from Field Roast called the Celebration Roast made from grain meat, mushrooms, squash and herbs. 

Now those were just the main dishes. So then we made Mac ‘N’ Cheese, Green Bean Casserole, Pasta Salad, Rolls and a homemade Pumpkin Pie. I must say Pinterest has been my absolute best friend lately with amazing vegan recipes. Especially for the holidays now too. 

So not only am I taking in consideration of our animals and planet but we also have to think about the people on this earth too. 

With the biggest sale of the year just passing by, Black Friday, we forget what Tis’ the Season is all about. Family, loved ones, memories, and giving back to others. Thankfully we have Small Businss Saturday and Giving Tuesday to help reflect on good values. Small businesses play a big role in our communities and economy. But they also secure the hopes and dreams of people believing in something they truly care about. While Giving Tuesday helps us remember how lucky many of us our and help give back to others in need. I feel like these 2 other days bring back the values and ethics humanity was built upon and that’s something special we need to remember more. 

Stay tuned for more holiday conscious fun! 

- Greenwithstyle 

#vegan #holidays #Thanksgiving #Veganism #Ethical #Food

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