Sustainable Fashion. It's a Lifestyle.

Fashion is the 3rd most polluting industry in the world, right behind oil and agriculture. Not many people know or even realize how dark and poisonous the fashion industry can be. From dye run offs into community water sources, sweat shop environments oversees and HERE, to the fast fashion mass-produced clothing that lasts for a week. Although this industry can be somewhat devastating, it can be very beautiful if we partake in a more conscious sustainable way. 

As far as I can remember i've always been very environmentally conscious. Whether it was me taking all the cans and bottles to the recycle station, unplugging all the plugs not being used, timing my showers or never being wasteful and picky on food. These were just practices that came naturally to me and also I had a love for science at an early age too. 

Here are a few MIND-BLOWING facts about our industry:

1. On average, e-commerce about 30% less energy than traditional retail. Hit that cart button. 

2. American throw away an estimated 68 lbs per person per year. Always donate or recycle. 

3. Most garments lose 15% of material from cutting patterns. Donate or reuse leftovers. 

4. Americans throw away 7,000 water bottles every second and they take about 450 years to biodegrade. Buy a re-usable water canteen. 

5. Air drying your clothes just 6 months of the year can save 700 lbs of CO2. Your clothes deserve to play outside too. 

So these might sound alarming and make you just want to curl up in corner, but there are some amazing things you can do on your end to change that. 

For me i'm constantly educating myself on what's the latest in innovations, who's who, and ev