Do you have a “vegan option”?

So I quickly learned that ask everywhere I go for a vegan option without hesitation. For some years before I was vegetarian and it was a little easier because dairy and egg seemed it be in everything anyways. But hold the meat.

  • Biscuits & Gravy with a Side Spring Salad at Little Pine in Silverlake

This whole year I been fully vegan and fully committed. And I have been experiencing some of the most amazing food I have ever eaten, while all being 100% plant based! From cheeses made from different types of nuts, a vegan egg made from a certain type of algae (what?!) and textured meat from a tropical fruit called Jackfruit. I’ve literally been blown away on these amazing alternatives from meat, dairy and eggs. It’s totally guilt free too.

So here are a few things too look out when eating out or simple grocery shopping for vegan necessities:

  1. When eating at a non-vegan restaurant always ask for a vegan/vegetarian section.

  2. If there are no vegan options then choose the vegetarian options and take out the dairy or any other animal by products and add more veggies or sauces to make it more hearty.

  3. ALWAYS READ THE INGREDIENTS IN THE NUTRITION SECTION. Ask for it politely. The animals will thank you later.

  4. Some places to grocery shop are Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Follow Your Heart (totes vegan heaven) and Erewhon (LA County only).

  5. You definitely need to get a dairy substitute like almond, coconut, cashew or soy.

  6. If your a cheese lover like me Follow Your Heart will literally eat your heart out with their cheeses! Yum! There’s also Daiya, So Delicious, and store brands.

  7. Now if you want some sort of meat alternative you have to get Beyond the Meat! Super good options like chicken, sausage, and of course heir famous burgers.

  8. Most importantly...READ THE LABELS! There are so many products that say vegetarian or dairy free or egg free and it will contain one or the other ingredients. Make sure it says vegan and double check those labels!

  • Strawberry Frosted Cake at Grain Cafe in Los Angeles

Soooo who’s gonna go vegan now?! No pressure. There are so many options out there and companies are making it that much easier for the masses. Big brands and companies who typically don’t do vegan are starting to realize it’s becoming more and more mainstream. People are becoming more aware of the health benefits it gives and the negatives meat and dairy gives as well. But also how climate change is and has always been real, and animal agriculture is actually the leading cause!

“Be one less person harming animals”

- Greenwithstyle

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