A Fashionable Event: What it takes...

Hey everybody!

So it's been pretty crazy with school, this being my last quarter so i know some of you students know how it is. Not only school but Fashion Club is continuing to go full speed ahead with so many events coming our way! But all very exciting at the same time. And yes, i'm still going strong with my new Veggie lifestyle and i have to say it feels amazing. Not only dietary wise but just my sense of being is more optimistic and also knowing it has a healthier impact on the earth and human race! It's a great feeling.

Okay so, i'm always asked this question on how i do it with all these events and how it even happens? Well it's definitely a process and a lot of hard work. For instance, when it came to doing the Earth Day Symposium it took a lot of compassion and effort reaching out to our guest speakers. Myself and Club Advisor are both very into sustainability and she has been vegan for a long time now and animal rights activist. So we really stressed our backgrounds and commitment to get the word our for sustainability and educating the students and faculty. It was a success getting 5 guests speakers for our Symposium! But of course questions arise like parking, accommodation, etc. We took care of their parking of course to get validated and the speakers were all very excited to speak to students about their work in the field.

Then another factor comes is food and luckily my club advisor lives in Santa Clarita where a new vegan bakery opened. She immediately emailed the bakery Cup my Cakez so if they would want to sponsor the event as a food vendor. They were extremely pleased to be asked and made amazing treats for the event for free! It's all about how you approach the sponsor/vendor and how it could benefit them as well. In the end, everything is a business.

Of course with all this comes a team of people to help promote, set-up, follow-up with guests or VIP, etc. I had my Fashion Club team help with making flyers, talking it up to all their classes and teachers, and then day of help set-up at our campus for a beautiful discussion! You will always need a team and support system to help, and it makes it a lot easier for you to manage everything.

In the end, the Earth Day Symposium was a success and highly informative for all fashion students on what sustainability is...

Check some of the Guest Speakers out!




Thanks guys!


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