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Hey Guys!

So its definitely been a while with my blog, but i have to say some amazing changes have been happening with my life. My last post was for Valentine's Day and from March until now i've been extremely busy with school and running the Fashion Club at The Art Institute - Hollywood. Literally has been a life changing experience because of the amount of events and shows we have been volunteering and interning for as well. I've met some amazing new industry people and friends the past 5 months, and have made some lifestyle changes as well. What kind of change you ask? I'll let you know now!


The Art Institute - Hollywood Annual Fashion Show, North Hollywood, California

Myself and a few members at the Fair Trade

Fashion Show!

In April a new quarter was starting and i just became President. We already were thinking what could we do next for the school and to keep bringing awareness for our club. Our club advisor and one of the instructors, Julia Szkiba, thought of Earth Day and then it all clicked for the rest of us! We agreed on a discussion panel and called it the Earth Day Symposium. Julia being Vegan and Sustainable friendly, immediately helped reach out to many people in the industry. We started from the ground up for the event and even got a food sponsor from Cup My Cakez, a Vegan friendly bakery in Santa Clarita, CA. The event was a success and brought so much attention to our students, faculty, and myself more importantly.

I used to be Vegetarian right before i moved to San Fernando, and some obstacles got in the way to maintain. But i got this re-emergence of the environment and sustainable fashion, and combining both interests to finally know where future is. I also got back into being Vegetarian and trying to spread awareness through social media and volunteering.

I've been blessed through meeting so many people in the industry who want to help me, my club and others in events and internships. I finally graduate this September and the possibilities seem to endless and rewarding, hopefully!

Check out all my new content! It's been a lot of events myself and the Ai Fashion Club have been doing :)

I'll be posting more don't you guys worry!

Until next time,


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