New Year & New Quarter!

Hey everybody! I hope you guys all had an amazing Holiday Season! Mine was of course busy with work being in retail management and all! But i had some nice moments seeing my family at my hometown for Christmas Eve late at night and the whole day at Moms :) And for New Years while some of my closests friends went to Vegas my boyfriend and I and a few others went to the final event at Circus Disco in West Hollywood! But the ended just moving to a new location and not actually closing, lol. Overall a great ending and excited for a new year, 2016!

Okay, so this was my first week back to school after a much needed Holiday 3 week break! Only 2 more quarters guys, woot woot! I'm pretty much take gen-eds and eclective as this point, except i have 3 core classes i need to finish up still. Organizational Behavior & Leadership (currently taking), Entrepreneurship, and Sourcing & Technical Design. But right now i'm currently taking Leadership, Screen Printing, Contemporary Art, and American Architecture Online. Interesting subjects though!

Anyways! I thought i share some tips on your "First Day of School" tips and looks on how to stand out this year!

1. Plan Ahead! I can't stress this enough, especially if it's a morning class, like mine is at 8am! I usually pick my outfit out the night before so i have a sense of accomplishment already, because pulling last minute can lead to a disaster and feel crumby :/

2. Check you local or school area weather! Especially if your a native Californian, you know the weather is just so unpredicatable. With that being said, make a second outfit just in case El Nino comes back, lol.

3. Bring a light jacket! Omg i was seriously freezing tooshie off this morning because i figured it would clear up like the other day. But like i said, Cali weather is like a roll of the dice!

4. Wear comfortable shoes or bring a pair if you're gonna wear your new Jeffrey Cambell's or Steve Madden's! Luckily for me my campus is in one huge building, but i know most you guys are on a spread out campus.

5. My last top 5 tip would have to be...always pick a look you feel most comfortable and fashion forward in within your style! I believe in the works of psychology in dress appeal. Coming from personal experience, i always seem to be in a positive mood and more outgoing and confident when i know i'm rocking my brim hat and Saltwater flannel from Urban Outfitters. So if you want to make your day a fashionable productive day, always make sure your 100% with what your wearing :D

Well that's a wrap with my first week of school post! Don't forget to spread the word about my Blog! You're my audience and i do it for you beautiful people :)

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