This Moment Can Change Everything...

So as you all know i attend the Art Institute in North Hollywood, and every Quarter the graduates showcase their hard and dedicated work from school and outside of school to employers and family and friends after. I just finished my 8th Quarter and one of my classes was Portfolio 1, and let me tell you...seeing the Portfolio 2 students gave me all sorts of anxiety, chills, but also anxious to graduate and showcase what i can do as well! It's an exciting but stressful moment for everybody; from meeting deadline after deadline, constantly changing ideas and get constructive criticism from the instructors to the final day.

This was the 3rd Quarter they presented the Portfolio Show at the actual campus and they been getting great feedback because of its location, set-up, and comfortable environment they can see the students at their own campus. In my Portfolio class they usually mix up 1 & 2 because of the small amount of students that graduate since everybody does at a different time. As myself and a few others were in 1, we worked on getting our powerpoint set-up and fixing any projects we feel could be better. And ofcourse seeing Portfolio 2 students go through hell basically, lol.

Overall though the Fashion Marketing students really brought it this Quarter with amazing ideas and displays, but i also observed other Majors like Graphic Design, Set-Production, Animation, and Audio. Every Quarter at the shows, there's a vote for Best in Show, and not to just talk up Fashion Marketing but i truly feel this Quarter should have a Winner in our Major :)

Until next time fashionistas!



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